Maine healthcare employers are among the best-rated in the Nation. Maine's quality of life for all who live here is top-notch. The natural "benefits package" for those who have their career and lives here in Vacationland is considered one the best - offering a work/life balance like no other place on Earth.

For these reasons, Maine has seen enormous demand for healthcare services - our population is growing, businesses are relocating here, and families are establishing themselves in communities from Scarborough to Fort Kent.

That's why the team highlighted below is coming together to help ensure the opportunities for meaningful employment and an upgraded quality of life are known and accessible to all who could see themselves here. Our goal is to reach new people with the careers Maine's healthcare sector offers, and show how accessible, lucrative, and rewarding a choice to enter the healthcare field can be.

We'll do this through sharing stories of people who have done it - upgraded their life to Maine, begun their career in healthcare, and who can't imagine doing anything different. We'll also aggregate all of the many careers available across Maine into a single, easy to browse platform - and clearly communicate the training and educational opportunities available to help set you up for success.

This campaign is a public/private partnership between:
Live + Work in Maine (501c3 non-profit)
Maine Dept of Health & Human services (State gov't)
Maine healthcare employers
Maine healthcare Associations


This effort was designed with and for Maine healthcare employers. As the campaign proceeds, we'll have media and marketing materials available for your use. In the meantime, get in touch via the form below with questions or requests, and we'll get back to you promptly.

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